Thank You

Giving Credit and LOVE Where It Is Due

In the 14 years of my Conscious Spiritual Journey, I read and researched many, many sources. As my wisdom and discernment grew (a.k.a. honed my bull-shit meter) most of these sources fell by the wayside. However, there were a few that remained and saw me all the way through to my moment of Enlightenment. The remaining sources offered the most expansive information that the Forerunners (those, like myself, who volunteered to pave a path to New Consciousness first) really needed. I consider the following people as having the highest source of integrity, providing undistorted multi-dimensional information. All served as validation, affirmation, and recognition of my own unfolding Christ Consciousness.

Post-enlightenment, I find their information even more beautiful as I experience it and recognize it on a much deeper level. I am very, very grateful for the following sources. I love you all!

Adamus St. Germain of The Crimson Circle: Channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe and supported by Linda Hoppe, Adamus St. Germain was my closet guide, teacher, and friend on my spiritual journey. I discovered him in 2010, while listening to his channel about Jesus being a rebel and rabble-rouser. This helped me understand that a Master does not need to be a gentle, quiet soul all the time. That really spoke to my own rebellious self, making my first encounter with Adamus (a provocateur and renegade in his own right) love at first swear. As well as reading each monthly channel and reading every book co-authored by Geoffrey Hoppe, Adamus made himself VERY available to me through my own intuition (often times when I didn’t even WANT him there). He knows I love him dearly. (And I have to give him credit for suggesting this “Thank You” page in the first place, as well as suggesting he be the first mentioned. All who are a part of the Crimson Circle will totally get that.) THANK YOU!

Lauren C. Gorgo of Think With Your Heart: There are so many reasons I love and cherish Lauren. She not only is able to articulate multi-dimensional information in a way that is truly brilliant and accessible, she is also living the ascension process with the rest of us humans. In short, she GETS IT on many levels. Her monthly reports, both validating and activating, are like personal debriefings from (and for) the Family of Light. Lauren’s insights about biological and DNA activation back in 2010, in her material CellSpeak, gave a frame of reference to my own crude inklings regarding divine physical transformation. No one else was speaking about this in such detail back then (or even now!). Lauren also makes herself readily available in her forum, making herself a gorgeous trusted friend and source to many on the path to ascension. I truly can’t say enough about this wonderful woman. I love you, Lauren!

Denise LeFay of High Heart Life: This amazing warrior of a woman has been blazing the path for longer than most, and for ALL her life (lives). I do have a penchant for spiritual rebels (especially those who can cuss like a sailor) and Denise doesn’t disappoint. She fearlessly goes where others dare not tread, exposing the dark agenda in a no-holds barred manner that is incredibly empowering. I give her credit for shaking me out of my naive and ignorant “law of attraction” haze back in 2008, where I could finally stop beating myself up for not being able to “successfully manifest” (insert eye-roll). Her book “The Temple of Master Hotei” is one of my all time favorites, emanating a higher vibration frequency that is infectious, irresistible and activating. Denise writes many insightful articles on her website, while making herself accessible to her readers in each comment section. She’s a tremendous source of comfort, humor, and tell-it-like-it-isness that I truly respect. Thank you, Denise, for being a Wayshower of the Wayshowers, and for being a friend to us all.


I can’t have a thank you page without also giving credit to my loved ones who supported me on the journey. To my beloved husband and soulmate, Graeme Street, I couldn’t have done any of this crazy journey without your unconditional love. Thank you for believing in me even when you thought I was crazy. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s always been bearable because of you. And I do believe the best is yet to come. I love you all the time.

To my three wonderful boys, Finn, Roan, and Kai, thank you for being the best zen teachers and examples of unconditional love. You three opened up new worlds to me and have shown me what I’m really made of. You are wise, magical and I’m very grateful to be your Mama.

Special thanks to my Spiritual Sister, Carrie, who played a key role in getting me to that holy moment of Enlightenment. Thank you, Carrie, for being a most cherished soul sister. I will always be eternally grateful for you.

I’m also giving thanks to my GARDEN. I started gardening the same year my conscious spiritual journey began back in 2006, and it’s certainly no coincidence that my garden played a huge role in waking me up to my Enlightenment. Thank you, my dear beloved garden, for showing me that all I was looking for in you, was already inside of me this whole time. I love your every bloom. (Fun fact: Every flower picture and video thumbnail on this site is from my own beloved garden, including the fairy featured on every page.)

Last but certainly not least, I am thanking my parents for being such huge supportive cheerleaders. My mom readily shared her metaphysical material with me when I was growing up, making such things feel natural and normal. My father has delighted in all my antics and has always been a dreamer, like me. They both also had to put up with me as a teen when it was time for me to start exploring my rebellious self. Thank you for giving me the proper framework so I could realize ALL that I AM. I love you SO much.

“I AM ALL That I AM.”