Creations by Katinka

Very shortly after my adventures in Re-creating Creation (the sole focus of Chapter Four of the Diary of Katinka) I started experiencing a HUGE tidal wave of creation energies that are currently channeling themselves into poems, paintings, and sketches. I’ve dabbled in drawing all my life, but I’ve never put anything on canvas before now. Below are some of the things that have been wanting to express themselves through me.

Red, Revelation Series (11 x 14 canvas)

Purple, Revelation Series (11 x 14 canvas)

Crystal, Revelation Series (11 x 14 canvas)

Elation, New Earth Series (8×10 canvas)

Creation, New Earth Series (10 x 8 canvas)

Relation, New Earth Series (10×8 canvas)

Exploration, New Earth Series (10×8 canvas)

Sparkling Soul, Crystal Cave Series (8×10 canvas)

Emerald Eye, Crystal Cave Series (8×10 canvas)

Royal Amethyst, Crystal Cave Series (8×10 canvas)

Rose Gold, Crystal Cave Series (8×10 canvas)

Blue Home, Galaxy Gazing Series (24×18 canvas)

Pink Celestial, Galaxy Gazing Series (18×24 canvas)

Sun and Wave, Galaxy Gazing Series (30×24 canvas)

7 thoughts on “Creations by Katinka”

  1. Hey Katinka! How lovely. The sprinkles of sparkles are pure fun! I especially like the ocean wave and the golden tree with the pink background. I am not an artist in the traditional sense, but I’ve been playing with watercolor periodically for the last year or so. It’s relaxing and helps me turn off my logical mind. Thanks for sharing your creations.


    1. Hello Gorgeous Sister! I LOVE knowing you’ve been watercoloring. Yes, turning off the logical mind is a GREAT thing to do. I’m absolutely not an artist in the traditional sense either, and I think that is GREAT for both of us. No rules or restrictions or dogma. If you have a pic of your creations I’d love to see. And if you’d like a chapter of the diary, just let me know which one. So much LOVE to you!


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