Commands, Intentions, and Magic Spells.

Hocus Pocus

I AM the SUCCESS. I experience SUCCESS within this website in MAGNIFICENT WAYS that reflect my TRUE-DIVINE-HUMAN Self! SUCCESS without the wound, without the need for validation, without distortion! The TRUE and NEW way of SUCCESS! AMEN!

I AM the MONEY. I AM GRANDLY compensated in ALL directions, including GRAND MONEY. Money is my own energy and I allow it to flow to me unimpeded, effortlessly, and in JOYFUL, ECSTATIC bounties! It is ALL ME. AMEN!

I AM the LIMITLESSNESS. There is no limit nor distortion around discussions, comments, or energy exchanges. The frequency of LIMITLESSNESS reigns in this space as we are all Divinely provided for, guided, and directed! AMEN!

I AM the MIRACLE. The sharing of these LIGHT concepts makes them the NEW REALITY. I continue to be joyfully amazed to witness my own evolution as the path of magic and miracles now moves through ME, and is documented here for others to discover for themselves. AMEN!

I AM the LOVE. The frequency of UNCONDITIONAL DIVINE LOVE emanates and radiates off these pages, proving to a be a portal of multidimensional information and lightcodes, activating the REMEMBERING of all who visit! AMEN!

I AM the DELIGHT! This creation is a JOY to partake in and participate with. I am honored and blessed to document the unfolding of my own MAGIC, MIRACLES, and MAGNIFICENCE. Most of which I can’t even imagine yet. AMEN!