February 23rd, 2021 Semi-Daily Delights

Whew! How was your Mercury Retrograde? Mine was work, work, work ~ inner work, of course. The saying came to mind: “Before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment: chop wood, carry water.” There is still inner work to do after enlightenment, but the difference is I now know there is nothing “wrong” with me. And I also know how to handle the intensity ~ and that is just to allow it and love myself through it, knowing it’s all part of my wholeness. Honestly though, it can still be tremendously unfun. There is always relief at the end of the work and I celebrate that today. Until the next time. 😉

Today’s quote: “Physics is bending, Biology is mending, Divinity is blending.” These little rhymes often come to me in that state between wakefulness and sleep. My inner self gives me little clues as to what is going on. If we know such things are possible, we can allow ourselves to experience them ~ beyond human imagination and limitation. Amen.

So, do you recall those two disappointing canvases I featured on my last blog post? Here they are reimagined. The first one I added twigs and gold to, which gave it a much different feel. The second one I totally overhauled and painted over. I ended up liking them both very much.

My all time favorite NEW piece, however, is this colorful one below inspired by an amazingly wonderful artist Maria Grossbaum. She and I share the same love of nature, colors, sparkles and textured art. I’m learning a lot from her and it’s absolutely JOYFUL. She (and my latest canvas) are two BIG delights. (And in honor of full disclosure, I’ve tossed out 3 canvases since making this one below! Seems I need an art break after a soul-stirring masterpiece.)

My last delight of the day is a blog from a fellow enlightened kindred spirit, Michael Hallet. He has a monthly newsletter I highly recommend signing up for. I praised him recently on another site and these were my words: “His website is SUCH a treasure trove of HUGELY important info. We know our own demons inside and out, and he goes back to the origins of these demons and traumas with the beginning of the patriarchy 6000 years ago. We all know it’s a program (of slavery, limitation, worthlessness, etc) we’ve been running for eons and he outlines how it all began. It’s incredibly empowering to see the origins as it helps us take it all less personally. And seeing the original wounds definitely helps us heal our own. Just reading through his articles (there are so many!) is enough to empower, excite, and open brand new doors to walk through. ESPECIALLY important is his information about sexual shame. TRULY. I love this quote he used in a recent post: “Sexually awakened women, affirmed and recognized as such, would mean the complete collapse of the authoritarian ideology.” Michael, You are a treasure. And I commend you on your bravery to tackle really sensitive topics for the empowerment of all. Bless you, Brother. Here is a link to him. Really. Sign up.”

I’ve long told Michael what important work I think he is doing and, more than ever, we need it ~ as individuals, as couples in relationships, as a community, and as a NEW world. Amen.

If you have anything you’d like to share about your own Merc Rx work, any poems from your inner self (ahem! Carrie!), or any simple daily delight I’d LOVE to hear it.

I love you.

Semi-Daily Delights

February 5th, 2021 Semi-Daily Delights

So honestly, not much has delighted me this week! My artwork has been such a source of delight since I started two months ago but just this week alone I’ve created five canvases that I don’t particularly care for. One even ended up in the garbage. I’m actually not surprised ~ after completing “Sparkling Soul” (which I initially loved so much it made me teary) I knew it would be a hard act to follow. But I’m okay with it all. I know there are ebbs and flows to everything ~ and while the ebbs are still not my favorite, I can handle them with much more EASE. That’s saying a lot for me, who used to fight contrast so much it was my full-time job. Hence today’s daily quote (always featured on the Homepage): “After Enlightenment it is SO much EASIER to own ALL of me.” I AM the frustrated creator, I AM the elated creator, I AM all of it. Can’t be ALL of it, if there are still parts I’m denying or resisting!

I watched a video from a LOVELY artist who embodies this all so beautifully. It’s a longer video, which I don’t usually watch, but I watched all of hers. If you’re not interested in the subject matter, I’ll sum it up for you: She spent the first 15 minutes of her 18 minute video creating something that she ended up not liking and then painted over it in the last 3 minutes. I LOVED that! I’ve never seen any other artist do that ~ spend most of the time creating a “mistake” and then just moving on with grace and ease for all to see. I was inspired! Proving yet again, mistakes and flaws are what make us lovable and relatable to other humans. Thankfully (I guess?) after enlightenment there are still many flaws. The difference is I can see the beauty and purpose in them. And OWNING them is what makes me WHOLE.

Here are a couple of my disappointments. The gold/purplish one I just did last night after finally gathering all the “proper” materials. The proper materials left me quite underwhelmed. Sometimes winging it just is the best technique. I’ll wing some stuff today and see if I can spruce it up a bit.

Whatever I decide to do or not do with these canvases, I’ll hold onto them. Because they’ve served me in beautiful ways ~ reminding me to own ALL of it.

I’ll finish off today with a quote from the book I’m currently rereading: The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak. “While pretty flowers are instantly plucked, few people pay attention to the plants with thorns and prickles. But the truth is, great medicines are often made from these. Isn’t it the same with the garden of love? How can love be worthy of its name if one selects solely the pretty things and leaves out the hardships? It is easy to enjoy the good and dislike the bad. Anybody can do that. The real challenge is to love the good and bad together, not because you need to take the rough with the smooth but because you need to go beyond such descriptions and accept love in its entirety.”

Today may we all revel and feel blessed in our delights AND our disappointments. I love you.

Semi-Daily Delights

February 1st, 2021 (Semi)Daily Delights

I received a few requests that I send notifications for Semi-Daily Delights and since it’s no extra work, that’s a-what-we-are-gonna do. (If you get overwhelmed with emails, feel free to ignore me, I won’t mind.) I’ve also received a few questions about my opinion on the state of the world and so here are some of my thoughts:

The world is doing exactly what it’s meant to be doing. In many ways, the chaos and craziness are reactions to the floods of incoming LIGHT from those on the spiritual path. When you shine a light on the darkness, much is revealed. Evil can’t hide. My husband and I sometimes don’t see eye-to-eye because he wonders why I’m not angrier at the state of things and all the injustice going on. As I tell him, though, you can be AWARE of it and also ELEVATE above it. I am well aware of the inhumanity in the world ~ especially in the worlds of gov’t and business and corporations, etc. I also know that this is all part of a higher Divine Plan that will lead to a new consciousness for all of humanity. CONSCIOUSNESS has to change. And it’s all an INSIDE job, an INDIVIDUAL job. My spiritual life doesn’t ignore the world, it changes it. So yes, I AM aware of all that is going on and I consciously choose to ELEVATE above it. Which is why the old crumbling world is never my focus ~ it is old news to me and it is taking care of itself. My purpose is to live in the New Earth, a true physical place that becomes available with a higher consciousness. And that is what this whole website is about ~ how life can look from a higher view and how new things open up, making themselves available to us when we’ve owned our own darkness and loved ourselves back to wholeness. And happily, this is only the very beginning!

I do welcome any questions you’d like to ask or issues you’d like addressed! And thank you for these.

Today’s Daily Quote (always featured on the Homepage): “After Enlightenment it is much easier to see the beauty all around me.” It’s very true that beauty can become a SENSE, much like seeing or hearing. I’m often stopped in my tracks by the beauty of the sky, the birds, a tree, or simply colors. It’s so delicious. And definitely one of the reasons why I started painting and creating ~ the colors are irresistible. Speaking of which, the following is one of my absolute new favorite creations. The colors, the sparkles, the gold, the crystals ~ this truly is what my soul looks like (yet, I say that about many of my creations!). Close-ups (and other creations) are on the Creations page.

Sparkling Soul

I am VERY glad it’s February. January was an intense “working” month for me. I thought most of my “work” was done, but January made it clear in no uncertain terms that it is time for FULL SURRENDER to my I AM presence. I’ve experienced it before so I know what it looks like, it just takes a HUGE leap of faith and trust to do it. And that means retiring FOR GOOD my old habits and reactions (aka, trying to control or manipulate ANYTHING). It’s time to just allow myself to be carried. And when I do this, LIMITLESSNESS and FEARLESSNESS are there waiting for me. Moreover, it’s like the greatest love story EVER ~ allowing life, the universe, God (all other words for my I AM presence) to support me, cherish me, adore me. Knowing that no matter what, no matter what happens or what life looks like, I am being fully provided for and carried along the way. A GREAT book about this ultimate surrender is aptly called “The Surrender Experiment” by Michael Singer. I read it exactly three years ago and it changed me. It’s an amazing story and I highly recommend it.

A poem that came to me in honor of Surrendering:

Relaxed and Retired,
Old roles have Expired.

Nothing to do, No one to be,
I allow the energies now to serve me.

No scripting,
No straining,
No forcing,
No training.

Beyond safety and protection,
I Exist NOW in Perfection.

All at Once I AM naked and FREE,
At PEACE with all things and 
        Invincibly ME. 

We are safe, we are loved, all is well. Happy Monday. Happy February!

The Enlightened Mama

Santa Doesn’t Come Down Our Chimney…

* This BRILLIANT and TIMELESS blog post was originally written in 2013 and has been published on CTworkingmoms.com and Lovefrombaby.com

I never told my kids about Santa. I was uncomfortable with the whole lying aspect of it ~ telling them that he comes down the chimney, puts the presents under the tree, and eats our cookies just felt icky to me. It’s not that I don’t believe in magic ~ quite the contrary. My family makes villages for the Fairies in our garden and we talk about aliens and hell, I communicate with unborn Spirit Babies! All those things we believe in. But Santa Claus coming in our house and bringing presents…well, that’s just not real!

The other aspect of the whole Santa Claus thing that always made me uncomfortable was the “naughty and nice” crap. Telling our kids they will only get presents if they act a certain way feels very wrong to me. Take that whole first stanza of the popular Christmas Carol:

“You better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town.”

Telling my kids that they shouldn’t feel sad or angry or anything negative, because they’re being “watched” and they’ll be put on a “naughty list” to me sounds like a recipe for emotional repression. It also sounds to me like conditional love: “You’re only worthy of love and good things if you act the way I want.” I want my kids to know that ALL emotions are appropriate and that they’re ALWAYS worthy of love and good things no matter how they feel.

The Santa tradition also stinks strongly of conformity: “Act THIS way and good things will happen. Act THAT way and you’ll regret it.” Hmmmm….sounds like the government…and corporate America….and public school. But I digress!

My children have taught me so much, since even before they were born, and one of the things they’ve taught me is that they are not blank slates here to be molded into what I want. They came here with their own agenda, their own life purpose, their own passions and their own internal compass of what is right and wrong. Granted, I’m here to guide them when needed and to help them put a name to their feelings. But their feelings are to be trusted ~ when they’re sad, they’re sad for particular reasons. When they’re angry, frustrated, etc, it’s for particular reasons. I don’t have to try and fix those reasons but I can certainly accept and validate their feelings. I don’t even have to assure them their feelings are appropriate ~ THEY know that until we tell them otherwise. So “naughty and nice” have no place in our home.

All this being said, my kids learned about Santa from other sources ~ friends, cousins, television, and movies. And they believe all those things I never told them: he comes in our house, he puts presents under the tree, he eats our cookies. Yearly I’ve internally cringed each time they mention such things but I’ve never corrected them. Lately, however, they’ve been asking me if Santa is real and since I’ve not known quite how to answer I always put it back to them: “What do YOU think?” They always say yes. The questioning got more intense this last week, though, and they’ve been prodding me for specific answers.

So this is what I said “You know how we believe in Fairies, Angels, Spirit Babies and Other Things We Can’t See? We know those are real. So many people believe in Santa that he MUST be real on some dimension. He doesn’t come in our house and put presents under the tree, but I believe he helps all parents each year. He probably helped me find all the presents you guys wanted, helped me find the money to pay for them, and helps me find the inspiration and motivation to make Christmas magical. I believe each year the Spirit of Santa enters into our home from whatever realm he is in and helps us in any way we need. Yes, Santa is very, very real. More real than most people know.”

And I believed what I said. My kids did too. And then they started elaborating on all the ways Santa helps us, like when parents eat the cookies, the magic goes back to Santa and we all benefit. Sounds true to me.
So, Santa doesn’t come down our chimney. He doesn’t expect my children to conform to a certain code of conduct nor does he expect them to repress their emotions. But he loves us very much from his magical dimension and helps us celebrate Christmas each year.

Yes, Santa Claus IS real.

My Diary

Chapter Four Intro: “The RE-Creation of Creation.”

An intense and productive period of deactivating and dismantling the distortions that made up old energy creation, while learning what does and does not belong in true, pure Divine Creation. If you are in the process of re-creating your own method of creation, this chapter will prove invaluable and validating to your own process.

Presented in Seven Short Videos:

  • October 7th: As I build my new website, I come face-to-face with allll the old distortions related to human creation. First up: My RESISTANCE to “work” and my HUGE technology block. 10:12 minutes
  • October 12th: As I neared the end of website creation, I had to dismantle old energy distortions around money ~ and accepting money from others.
  • October 13th: Uncovering the layered distortions around money ~ that ALL of humanity has been programmed to believe. 6:41 minutes
  • October 18th: This is the day I finished and released my new website. Instead of bringing relief, it brought up old distortions re: The fear of sharing ourselves to the world. 3:14 minutes
  • October 19th: The distortions are creation got SO ugly, that I almost lost myself in separation again! Whew! That was a close one! 3:33 minutes
  • October 20th: I get to the deepest layers of the distortions surrounding creation. And then I liberate it! 6:06 minutes (and :28 seconds as my iphone storage got full).

Chapter Four Access: $33.00

Chapter Four Access

The Re-Creation of Creation


The Enlightened Mama

The Enlightened Mama: LOVE for Halloween Candy

Enlightened Mama Disclaimer: I share these things not to say “THIS is the ONLY way.” I believe that every mama has wisdom in her own heart and does what is best for her family at any given time ~ it will often change (as it has with me!) and it will look different for everyone. I share these things to show ONE possible way ~ the way I follow my own heart.

When mothering my first son I took pride in the fact that he didn’t like candy all that much ~ I’m sure I used it for bragging rights, like I’d done something amazing in my parenting. So of course when my second son came along he was immediately “My Candy Man.” He couldn’t get enough of the stuff, providing me endless opportunities for reframing my ideas and ideals about food.

Have you ever noticed how much mothering energy is spent around FOOD? Have you ever felt judged (at least by yourself) every time you go to the grocery store with the contents of your cart on display? You know what I’m talking about! Being militant about food has become a significant signpost of being a “good mother” (or even just a “good person!”). The current generation of mothers has been programmed to believe that to be “good,” you and your family must eat only organic food or be gluten free, dairy free, vegan, vegetarian, or some other version of deprivation. At the very least you MUST control the sugar intake of your children or you’re bad, bad, baaaaaad.

Well, let me tell you, society at large would call me a VERY bad mother because I follow NONE of those things. I may not have always known what I was doing, and yes, constant candy eating was a challenge when I was young in mothering, but ONE thing I always knew for sure: I NEVER wanted my children to be afraid of food.

So I decided NOT to program them with society’s food rules. We never discussed “healthy” or “unhealthy.” Dessert was never a reward for eating their vegetables, and they were never forced to eat anything they didn’t like. When they were younger I’d make them a big tray of snacks, and sweets got equal billing next to veggies. I never judged food in their presence and hoped they wouldn’t end up judging food either.

Food rules are hard to escape, though, you see them EVERYWHERE. So, every now and then one of them would ask “Is this food healthy?” My rote answer is the same now as it was back then: “If eaten in JOY, ALL food is healthy.”

It’s truly NOT about the food, it’s what we BELIEVE about the food. If we believe what we’ve been programmed to believe, then yes, some food is healthy and some is not ~ and we will live out that reality. But to me, those sorts of beliefs are based on fear, judgment, and limits..and THAT is where I choose NOT to live.

Back in November of 2011, when I was in the midst of what I call my “Soul-Merger-Initiation,” I was told two things specifically about food:

1.) There will come a time when food has no impact on your health or weight.

2.) There will come a time when you go to the grocery store and say YES to everything your boys want.

Nine years ago, both those ideas seemed like QUITE a stretch, if not down-right miracles. But now it is absolutely TRUE. It has taken me nearly a decade of spiritual growth to embody these freedoms, with a whole lot of unlearning, rescripting, and TRUST. Slowly but surely, though, true food freedom started to come naturally and easily. Just the other day I realized I’ve been saying YES to whatever they want for quite awhile now.

I was told something else back in November of 2011, and it was SO important I wrote it in sparkly letters and put it on my wall: “Trust children. Allow them to be the MASTERS they are.” That notion is the cornerstone of my mothering. I trust my children ~ I trust their ability to self-regulate, I trust the wisdom of their bodies, I trust them to follow their own inner guidance, and I trust that, if I stay the hell outta their way, they will always listen to the limitless, fearless voice that is inside them.

So Halloween candy? No guilt, shame, or limitations here. They don’t have to trade it in, give it away, or have it doled out to them in small quantities. This year we decided not to trick-or-treat (because 2020 seems to be a year to do everything differently) and instead I spread hundreds of pieces of candy around the house for the boys to gather while costumed up. I had a blast buying all their favorites ~ so much so that I made three separate trips out just for Halloween candy. And it was a success. They got all the good stuff with none of the crappy stuff no one likes, deeming it the best Halloween loot ever.

This morning I asked my youngest, “Do you want me to make you some food, or are you having candy for breakfast?” He answered, “I’m having candy for breakfast.” And that was simply that.

I’m choosing to live in a limitless world ~ one that doesn’t back-fire on joy nor make me pay for freedom. In Enlightenment I’ve come back full circle to my childhood innocence (with A LOT more experience and wisdom), where food is something to be fully enjoyed without judgment nor fear of reprisals! And what is childhood for if not to enjoy candy for breakfast? Right, I’m off to eat a Baby Ruth….

P.S. When my “Candy-Man,” turned 11 years old he apparently had his fill. Seemingly overnight, he traded in candy for carrots. Now instead of sweets for dessert, he eats a big raw carrot after every meal. Of course I use this for bragging rights, “You see, you stuff ’em full of candy for 10 years and then they start craving vegetables!”

Everyday Enlightenment

After Enlightenment Extra: The TRAP of the Seeker

Consider this a Multi-Dimensional Public Service Message! There is an urgency for the forerunners to shake themselves out of the path-paving haze we’ve been in for lifetimes. Our job is FINALLY done and there is nothing left to process or heal or wait for any longer! Our Holy Moment is here for the (self) taking.

WARNING: the video below is highly activating and very stimulating (I know because I could FEEEEL it!) so don’t watch before bed and definitely don’t watch unless you’re ready to FREE yourself!

Watch my Holy Moment unfold in Chapter One~ it just may spark your own!