After Enlightenment is Only the Beginning….

Meet Katinka

I’m a Loving Rebel and Light-Filled Bad-Ass here to alter systems of consciousness by personally learning (remembering) how to live as a Divine Conscious Creator.

A few Loving Bad-Ass accomplishments include having three unassisted homebirths, unschooling my children, as well as respectfully not putting up with any bullshit.

My interests are gardening, system busting, DNA reactivation, and making the impossible a reality. Amen!

Wanna know more about me? Read my Accomplishments, Initiations, and Dirty Little Secrets.

About My Diary

I read to you from my personal diary, presented in bite-sized chunks of video averaging about 5-10 minutes in duration. Each Chapter includes 5-7 videos, all encompassing a certain theme.

Upon purchase you will receive a PASSWORD from me via email to give you access to the Chapter. Please note there will be a delay after your purchase, since I manually send you the link and password and I’m not married to my computer. I promise though, you WILL get it same day. Trust in Divine Timing.

There is also a very cool multi-dimensional feature to this blog ~ watch the video to learn more. Welcome to After Enlightenment!

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“I AM Immaculate HEALTH.”

“I AM Infinite WEALTH.”