February 23rd, 2021 Semi-Daily Delights

Whew! How was your Mercury Retrograde? Mine was work, work, work ~ inner work, of course. The saying came to mind: “Before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment: chop wood, carry water.” There is still inner work to do after enlightenment, but the difference is I now know there is nothing “wrong” with me. And I also know how to handle the intensity ~ and that is just to allow it and love myself through it, knowing it’s all part of my wholeness. Honestly though, it can still be tremendously unfun. There is always relief at the end of the work and I celebrate that today. Until the next time. 😉

Today’s quote: “Physics is bending, Biology is mending, Divinity is blending.” These little rhymes often come to me in that state between wakefulness and sleep. My inner self gives me little clues as to what is going on. If we know such things are possible, we can allow ourselves to experience them ~ beyond human imagination and limitation. Amen.

So, do you recall those two disappointing canvases I featured on my last blog post? Here they are reimagined. The first one I added twigs and gold to, which gave it a much different feel. The second one I totally overhauled and painted over. I ended up liking them both very much.

My all time favorite NEW piece, however, is this colorful one below inspired by an amazingly wonderful artist Maria Grossbaum. She and I share the same love of nature, colors, sparkles and textured art. I’m learning a lot from her and it’s absolutely JOYFUL. She (and my latest canvas) are two BIG delights. (And in honor of full disclosure, I’ve tossed out 3 canvases since making this one below! Seems I need an art break after a soul-stirring masterpiece.)

My last delight of the day is a blog from a fellow enlightened kindred spirit, Michael Hallet. He has a monthly newsletter I highly recommend signing up for. I praised him recently on another site and these were my words: “His website is SUCH a treasure trove of HUGELY important info. We know our own demons inside and out, and he goes back to the origins of these demons and traumas with the beginning of the patriarchy 6000 years ago. We all know it’s a program (of slavery, limitation, worthlessness, etc) we’ve been running for eons and he outlines how it all began. It’s incredibly empowering to see the origins as it helps us take it all less personally. And seeing the original wounds definitely helps us heal our own. Just reading through his articles (there are so many!) is enough to empower, excite, and open brand new doors to walk through. ESPECIALLY important is his information about sexual shame. TRULY. I love this quote he used in a recent post: “Sexually awakened women, affirmed and recognized as such, would mean the complete collapse of the authoritarian ideology.” Michael, You are a treasure. And I commend you on your bravery to tackle really sensitive topics for the empowerment of all. Bless you, Brother. Here is a link to him. Really. Sign up.”

I’ve long told Michael what important work I think he is doing and, more than ever, we need it ~ as individuals, as couples in relationships, as a community, and as a NEW world. Amen.

If you have anything you’d like to share about your own Merc Rx work, any poems from your inner self (ahem! Carrie!), or any simple daily delight I’d LOVE to hear it.

I love you.

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