Semi-Daily Delights

February 1st, 2021 (Semi)Daily Delights

I received a few requests that I send notifications for Semi-Daily Delights and since it’s no extra work, that’s a-what-we-are-gonna do. (If you get overwhelmed with emails, feel free to ignore me, I won’t mind.) I’ve also received a few questions about my opinion on the state of the world and so here are some of my thoughts:

The world is doing exactly what it’s meant to be doing. In many ways, the chaos and craziness are reactions to the floods of incoming LIGHT from those on the spiritual path. When you shine a light on the darkness, much is revealed. Evil can’t hide. My husband and I sometimes don’t see eye-to-eye because he wonders why I’m not angrier at the state of things and all the injustice going on. As I tell him, though, you can be AWARE of it and also ELEVATE above it. I am well aware of the inhumanity in the world ~ especially in the worlds of gov’t and business and corporations, etc. I also know that this is all part of a higher Divine Plan that will lead to a new consciousness for all of humanity. CONSCIOUSNESS has to change. And it’s all an INSIDE job, an INDIVIDUAL job. My spiritual life doesn’t ignore the world, it changes it. So yes, I AM aware of all that is going on and I consciously choose to ELEVATE above it. Which is why the old crumbling world is never my focus ~ it is old news to me and it is taking care of itself. My purpose is to live in the New Earth, a true physical place that becomes available with a higher consciousness. And that is what this whole website is about ~ how life can look from a higher view and how new things open up, making themselves available to us when we’ve owned our own darkness and loved ourselves back to wholeness. And happily, this is only the very beginning!

I do welcome any questions you’d like to ask or issues you’d like addressed! And thank you for these.

Today’s Daily Quote (always featured on the Homepage): “After Enlightenment it is much easier to see the beauty all around me.” It’s very true that beauty can become a SENSE, much like seeing or hearing. I’m often stopped in my tracks by the beauty of the sky, the birds, a tree, or simply colors. It’s so delicious. And definitely one of the reasons why I started painting and creating ~ the colors are irresistible. Speaking of which, the following is one of my absolute new favorite creations. The colors, the sparkles, the gold, the crystals ~ this truly is what my soul looks like (yet, I say that about many of my creations!). Close-ups (and other creations) are on the Creations page.

Sparkling Soul

I am VERY glad it’s February. January was an intense “working” month for me. I thought most of my “work” was done, but January made it clear in no uncertain terms that it is time for FULL SURRENDER to my I AM presence. I’ve experienced it before so I know what it looks like, it just takes a HUGE leap of faith and trust to do it. And that means retiring FOR GOOD my old habits and reactions (aka, trying to control or manipulate ANYTHING). It’s time to just allow myself to be carried. And when I do this, LIMITLESSNESS and FEARLESSNESS are there waiting for me. Moreover, it’s like the greatest love story EVER ~ allowing life, the universe, God (all other words for my I AM presence) to support me, cherish me, adore me. Knowing that no matter what, no matter what happens or what life looks like, I am being fully provided for and carried along the way. A GREAT book about this ultimate surrender is aptly called “The Surrender Experiment” by Michael Singer. I read it exactly three years ago and it changed me. It’s an amazing story and I highly recommend it.

A poem that came to me in honor of Surrendering:

Relaxed and Retired,
Old roles have Expired.

Nothing to do, No one to be,
I allow the energies now to serve me.

No scripting,
No straining,
No forcing,
No training.

Beyond safety and protection,
I Exist NOW in Perfection.

All at Once I AM naked and FREE,
At PEACE with all things and 
        Invincibly ME. 

We are safe, we are loved, all is well. Happy Monday. Happy February!

3 thoughts on “February 1st, 2021 (Semi)Daily Delights”

  1. I enjoyed your poetry and the more so as I have written a couple of little poems in my journal today too! Word play is fun. I’ll share
    Releasing to relaxation
    Surrendering to the serene
    Unwrapping to unity
    Dipping into the divine


    I found Me
    Again I’m free.
    Lost no more
    Nothing to explore.
    Just to be
    Free, Free, Free.


    1. It’s unbelievable to me (well, it’s not) how in sync our poem writing is, Dear Sister! Both the themes and that we were moved to do it. Pure magic. Thank you. I love you.


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