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Chapter Four Intro: “The RE-Creation of Creation.”

An intense and productive period of deactivating and dismantling the distortions that made up old energy creation, while learning what does and does not belong in true, pure Divine Creation. If you are in the process of re-creating your own method of creation, this chapter will prove invaluable and validating to your own process.

Presented in Seven Short Videos:

  • October 7th: As I build my new website, I come face-to-face with allll the old distortions related to human creation. First up: My RESISTANCE to “work” and my HUGE technology block. 10:12 minutes
  • October 12th: As I neared the end of website creation, I had to dismantle old energy distortions around money ~ and accepting money from others.
  • October 13th: Uncovering the layered distortions around money ~ that ALL of humanity has been programmed to believe. 6:41 minutes
  • October 18th: This is the day I finished and released my new website. Instead of bringing relief, it brought up old distortions re: The fear of sharing ourselves to the world. 3:14 minutes
  • October 19th: The distortions are creation got SO ugly, that I almost lost myself in separation again! Whew! That was a close one! 3:33 minutes
  • October 20th: I get to the deepest layers of the distortions surrounding creation. And then I liberate it! 6:06 minutes (and :28 seconds as my iphone storage got full).

Chapter Four Access: $33.00

Chapter Four Access

The Re-Creation of Creation


2 thoughts on “Chapter Four Intro: “The RE-Creation of Creation.””

  1. Wow Wow Wow!!! Incredible insights into the possibilities of infinite creating, moving through the blocks we encounter, releasing the inhibitions we have been programmed with, and loving ourselves into sharing our true beings. I can so relate. Powerful!!! And you got to a core of the core issue for me, and I am grateful for that most valuable insight and the catalyst to liberate it. Thank you, Katinka!


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