Everyday Enlightenment

Experiencing an ENLIGHTENED Election

Do enlightened people vote or do they not vote? The answer is YES.

You can bring enlightenment into ANY choice you make…or don’t make.

I would love to how how you are ENLIGHTENING your election experience, please share in the comments! (And I’ll randomly choose a commenter to receive full access to my Diary Chapter One.)

6 thoughts on “Experiencing an ENLIGHTENED Election”

  1. Great Topic. Let me be the first. Yes, enlightened, and voted. No attachment to the outcome, just purely focusing on the reality I am creating. Big love. The script: To create heaven on earth. To return to unconditional love and peace, to live in freedom, to embody unconditional love for self and all, to offer self-acceptance, and create paradise on earth.


    1. YES, Sister! I love EVERY word of this! Thank you so much for contributing to this very important topic from a gorgeous place of unconditional love and acceptance!


  2. Two old white men representing old world values. Old men in old energy cannot see the magical world we are able to create. Focusing on what we see and know is real is valuable and powerful.
    It is time for new energy. That’s something that gets my vote.


    1. omgoodness, what a TREAT to see my LJ here! And you look STUNNING, Sister! Yes, to ALL your words. Lemme give you an AMEN! Thanks so much for chiming in! I am SO happy to see you!


  3. Are you inside my heart and head?!! You have articulated all I am unable to…interesting that amidst the election chaos I have emerged from my “pit of despair” in a quiet powerful way!


    1. Oh Kay, I’m thrilled to hear of your liberation! There was something very powerful about this Nov 3rd for many forerunners I believe! So much LOVE to you!


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