My Diary

Chapter One Intro: Enlightenment

Five Days of Journal Writing (and a revisit to the “Pit of Despair”), I wrote myself right into enlightenment.

Presented in Five Short Videos:

  • July 29th: After a VERY challenging July (of 2020) I started journaling again, to give myself reminders of how NOT to give my peace away. 11:18 minutes
  • July 30th: More insights about making PEACE the default and it’s role in CREATION. Unbeknownst to me I was leaving reminders for myself, much like breadcrumbs, so I’d know how to navigate myself out of this latest bout of separation consciousness. 4:52 minutes
  • July 31st: Free-roaming anxiety starts to take me over again as I seesaw from peace to crap. 5:41 minutes
  • August 1st: My visit to that “Pit of Despair” and how I FINALLY chose NOT to abandon myself there. 3:36 minutes
  • August 2nd: The day I gave myself to myself. Self-proclaimed, self-bestowed, self-received ENLIGHTENMENT. AMEN! 11:27 minutes

Chapter One Access: $33.00

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The Set-Up to Enlightenment

33.00 $

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