My Diary

Chapter Two Intro: Reorientation

The Honeymoon phase, deconditioning, and reorientation. Discovering that enlightenment ain’t all bliss.

Presented in Seven Short Videos:

  • August 2nd: Oh, the LOVELY honeymoon period! OH! What more can I say… 4:56 minutes
  • August 3rd: My RELIEF and GRATITUDE as I reorient myself to living in the world without needing to seek anything! 2:43 minutes
  • August 7th: We lost our electricity for four days…and I didn’t mind at all. I talk about how different it is navigating the world without the wound. 6:04 minutes
  • August 9th: The absence of the Questioner. I also talk of how the whole spectrum of human emotions remain but how I don’t get LOST in them anymore. 5:20 minutes
  • August 12th and 13th: As enlightenment settles into normalcy the questioner is wanting to come back again. Reminding myself there is NOTHING to wait for anymore. 6:53 minutes
  • August 17th: Enlightenment is not about bliss all the time, it’s about holding ALL emotions and experiences in a steady space of Divine Neutrality. I AM Zero Point. 5:40 minutes
  • August 28th and 29th: I talk about some post-enlightenment materials I’ve found, which prove to be both exciting and distracting. Continuing to make PEACE the default. 8:13 minutes

View Chapter Two: $33.00

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33.00 $

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