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Chapter One Intro: Enlightenment

Five Days of Journal Writing (and a revisit to the “Pit of Despair”), I wrote myself right into enlightenment. Presented in Five Short Videos: July 29th: After a VERY challenging July (of 2020) I started journaling again, to give myself reminders of how NOT to give my peace away. 11:18 minutes July 30th: More insights… Continue reading Chapter One Intro: Enlightenment

Chapter Two Intro: Reorientation

The Honeymoon phase, deconditioning, and reorientation. Discovering that enlightenment ain’t all bliss. Presented in Seven Short Videos: August 2nd: Oh, the LOVELY honeymoon period! OH! What more can I say… 4:56 minutes August 3rd: My RELIEF and GRATITUDE as I reorient myself to living in the world without needing to seek anything! 2:43 minutes August… Continue reading Chapter Two Intro: Reorientation

Chapter Three Intro: Embodiment

September brings with it physical challenges as my body adjusts to the new frequency. I learn that I can experience either Heaven or Hell in the body simply due to my perspective and intention. Presented in Six Short Videos: September 9th: The physical symptoms of embodiment come back full force, which is always a challenge.… Continue reading Chapter Three Intro: Embodiment

Chapter Four Intro: “The RE-Creation of Creation.”

An intense and productive period of deactivating and dismantling the distortions that made up old energy creation, while learning what does and does not belong in true, pure Divine Creation. If you are in the process of re-creating your own method of creation, this chapter will prove invaluable and validating to your own process. Presented… Continue reading Chapter Four Intro: “The RE-Creation of Creation.”

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